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1-How do I know if I have placed the order correctly?

After logging in as a member and placing your order, a confirmation email about your order will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

2- What are my paying options? Is there pay at the door?

You can pay by credit card or wire transfer. We do not have a pay option at the door.

3-When will my order be shipped? Which cargo do you work with?

If your order is for the planting period of the products; it will be delivered to the cargo within 2 - 4 working days following the end of this period.

Your order with products that do not have a planting time is shipped within 2 - 4 working days after receiving the order confirmation.

All Domestic orders are shipped by Domestic Cargo.

4-How can he find out which products have a planting period?

In the product descriptions section, information is written about whether the product has a production period or how many days it has, if any.

5-How will I track my cargo?

You can track your order with the shipping tracking code that comes to your SMS and e-mail address.

Or you can get information from our Whatsapp line at 0 538 256 78 74.

6-With which cargo company do you make overseas shipments? How do I track?

We ship via PTS World Wide Express. You can follow up by contacting us.

Our Whatsapp Line: 0538 256 78 74

7- Is there a shipping fee for overseas shipments?

Yes, the shipping fee of 700 TL is reflected in your October basket total for orders placed from abroad. The shipping fee for returns and exchanges belongs to you.

8- Can I pick up the product I bought online from the store?

Yes, you can pick up the product you bought on our website from the store.

After placing your order, you must inform us on 0538 256 78 74.

9- Can I exchange or return the product I bought online from the store?

Yes, you can make exchanges and refunds from our store.

10- Will I pay the shipping cost of the products I send for a refund or exchange?

Yes, the shipping fee for exchanges and refunds belongs to the customer. All cargoes sent by us belong to us.

11- How long will it take to pay back after the refund?

After your return arrives at the warehouse, it is checked whether it meets the return conditions and the refund procedures for the products that are eligible for refund are completed within 10 business days. The period of reflection of the refund on your account after the refund is made by us varies depending on the bank processes. You can track your refunds by contacting your bank.






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