Muse For All


Muse, whose etymology is based on Latin, is derived from ancient Greek and Roman mythologies. According to these mythologies, the Muses were nine goddesses who symbolized the source of inspiration and arts. The fundamental belief is that they were deities who provided artists, philosophers, and humans with the inspiration they needed to create. Muses are known for their timelessness, they are kept in the smallest details in our lives.


As a brand, we draw our inspiration from small details that are kept timelessly in every moment of our lives. We are especially involved in moments with comfortable and stylish pieces that we create by focusing on the fashion passion and needs of women all over the world. Based on comfortable elegance, we are on a journey to reflect our philosophy with the complementary pieces as well as clothing in this direction. We invite you to be Muse For All.

Muse For All was founded by Yasemin Öğün.


Therefore, we are very meticulous in the quality of fabric and sewing. At the same time, thanks to
our mini studio located on the lower floor of the store, we offer timeless designs and present our inner world to you. Thanks to this studio, while we welcome you in our place, we rearrange our pieces according to all kinds of sizes, wishes and needs. In this way, we are included in this harmony by taking inspiration from you and inspiring you.